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Waxing in Swindon


Skin Analysis
Skincare / Facial consultation

Book a Skincare or Facial consultation with one of our therapists if you would like to discuss your skin concerns and find out what’s the best treatment/s to book.


Experience the ultimate maintenance facial with our Classic Facial, perfect for sensitive skin or those new to professional facials. This bespoke treatment revitalises dull skin, instantly brightening your complexion with a tailored massage for the face and neck.


Treatment Includes:

- Double Cleanse

- Face Ozone Steamer

- Exfoliation

- Mask (with Hand and Arm or Scalp Massage)

- Hot Towel

- Toner

- Eye and Face Treatment

- Moisturiser


An express option is available for those short on time.

Facial Treatment

Experience immediate results with our Gentle Resurfacing Peel Facial, designed to target congestion, fine lines, and discolouration for a brighter, more youthful complexion. This treatment features:


- 25% Glycolic Acid (AHA): Retextures and brightens skin by removing pore-clogging dead skin cells.


- 1% Salicylic Acid (BHA): Deeply penetrates to minimise pores, blackheads, and excess oil, making it perfect for oily skin. Multiple treatments can improve acne scarring and pigmentation.


Treatment Includes:


Double Cleanse

AHA & BHA Peel



Rich Skin Softening Mask

Face Care

Our Extraction Facial is perfect for congested skin with blackheads and whiteheads that need manual removal. This facial is tailored to your skin type, ensuring effective treatment and a clearer complexion.

Treatment Includes:

  • Double Cleanse

  • Face Ozone Steamer

  • Exfoliation

  • Extractions

  • Mask

  • Toner

  • Moisturiser​


Indulge in our Luxury Massage Facial, perfect for relaxation and rejuvenation. This treatment begins with warming steam, followed by a double cleanse and facial massage for the face and neck to boost your complexion. Gentle exfoliation and a soothing face mask are complemented by a relaxing hand and arm massage, finishing with a head massage to ease tensions.


Treatment Includes:

Double Cleanse

Face Ozone Steamer


Mask (with hand and arm massage)

Relaxing Head Massage

Hot Towel


Face Treatment


Facial Treatment

Experience the ultimate 60-minute ‘Facelift’ with our Microcurrent & HydroFacial, combining electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) with hydrodermabrasion for a rejuvenated, youthful appearance.

Treatment Includes:

  • Steam

  • Double Cleanse

  • Exfoliation

  • Collagen-rich Gel Application

  • Microcurrent EMS Device

  • Hydrodermabrasion

  • Mask

  • Facial Massage

Benefits of EMS Therapy:

  • Stimulates facial muscles for a tighter appearance

  • Improves blood circulation

  • Enhances skin cell health

  • Reduces visible signs of aging

  • Non-invasive with zero downtime

Important: Not suitable for individuals who are pregnant, have epilepsy, seizures, electronic-implanted devices, or metal braces.


Revitalise your skin with our most popular facial, the Microdermabrasion Facial. This treatment effectively sloughs away dead skin cells, leaving your skin fresher, smoother, and glowing.


Benefits of Microdermabrasion:

Softer, rejuvenated skin

Increased circulation

Improved appearance of fine lines, age spots, acne scars, and hyperpigmentation


Treatment Options:

30-Minute Facial: Double cleanse, microdermabrasion, hot towels, toner, eye treatment, face serum, and moisturiser.

60-Minute Facial: Double cleanse, face ozone steamer, microdermabrasion, mask, hand and arm or scalp massage, hot towels, toner, eye treatment, face serum, and moisturiser.


Each facial is tailored to your skin type and condition.

Milia extraction in Swindon .webp

Our Milia Extraction treatment removes small white bumps for a clearer complexion. Choose the express option for a quick fix or the full facial for a comprehensive skin treatment.


Express Option:

  • Double Cleanse

  • Exfoliation

  • Extractions of Milia

  • Toner & Moisturiser

Full Facial:

  • Double Cleanse

  • Face Ozone Steamer

  • Exfoliation

  • Extractions

  • Mask

  • Toner

  • Moisturiser


Please note that prices are subject to variation and the management reserves the right to change pricing without prior notice.

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